Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Joann M. Hennessey

is a member of the Florida and New York Bar Associations.  She is admitted to practice in the Federal District Courts of Southern District of Florida, Middle District of Florida, Southern District of New York and Eastern District of New York.  Joann is an experienced civil litigator with extensive experience in foreclosure defense.  Prior to the foreclosure crisis, Joann was involved in real estate transactions reviewing documents, resolving lien issues and handling closings.  In addition, Joann practiced in the area of immigration, bankruptcy and debt defense.  As the market turned, Joann gathered forces with other practitioners who were similarly alarmed by the tactics employed by the banks in pursuit of their foreclosure and discussed approaches to best represent homeowners and protect their rights.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Joann worked, studied and completed a graduate program in health care administration at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  In this previous career, Joann developed many of the skills that she employs today in assisting individuals to identify and achieve the best result for their particular situation.  Joann attended law school at State University of New York at Buffalo (University of Buffalo) School of Law.  Practicing consumer protection law is the natural progression in utilizing her energy and lifelong interest of helping individuals reach and meet their goals, identify and protect their rights through her skills as an advocate.

Kunal Mirchandani

is a graduate of Case Western Reserve School of Law in Cleveland, Ohio. He is licensed to practice law in Florida, and his primary focus is on consumer protection in transactions that involve debt. However, he has handled cases ranging from civil litigation and complex international transactions to criminal law and real estate matters. In addition, he has worked in large law firms located in India. He has a background in accounting, finance, taxation, and consumer industries. This broad background provides him with an uncommon approach to solving legal issues. His understanding that issues can be solved in many ways ensures that clients receive the best and most cost efficient representation.